Online Workshop

- 7th + 10th December 2020 -

How is the Marketplace Adjusting
Amid the Crisis?

Practical workshop exploring how COVID, Climate and Globalisation are disrupting traditional finance structures and how public and private institutions can cooperate to tackle gaps for trade, liqudity and essential infrastructure

Understanding how international finance is changing
Developing practical opportunities for cross-sector cooperation

This workshop will explore the changing environment in which the 'marketplace' of international trade and development finance is operating.

We will discuss the response to the COVID-19 crisis from public and private sector institutions and explore together the practical implications for two specific gaps in finance of trade and economic development:

  • Domestic liquidity and trade support for SMEs
  • Financing the green transition

The background to the workshop is defined by the macro-level changes driven by COVID, climate change and globalisation, as well as the international policy-context these entail, but the focus of the discussions will be on practical opportunities for cross-sector cooperation between practitioners in:

  • Public / Private
  • Traditional / Fintech
  • Domestic / Cross-border
  • Trade / Development
  • Insurance / Finance
  • Monday 7th Dec - Presentations
  • Thursday 10th Dec - Feedback discussion
13.00 - 15.30 CET
13.00 - 13.10 CET
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Berne Union President:
  • Michal Ron, President, BERNE UNION & Chief International Officer, SACE
Meeting Chairs:
  • Monika Kohútová, CEO and Chair of the Board, EXIMBANKA SR
  • Silvia Gavorníková, Head of International Relations, EXIMBANKA SR
13.10 - 14.30 CET
Post-COVID Models, Mandates, Priorities
A panel of snior representatives of public and private sector trade and development finance institutions debate how the different spheres of international finance will emerge from the COVID crisis: Mandates, products, risk appetite, partnership, policy and innovation
  • Tim Adams, President and Chief Executive Officer, International Institute of Finance (IIF)
  • Najeeb Haider, Director General, Banking Department, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
  • DirkTerweduwe, Group CEO, CREDENDO
  • Gabriel Buck, Principal, GKB VENTURES
14.30 - 15.30 CET
Financing Gaps for Trade and Development
A pair of short presentations will raise talking points for the intersessional discussions
"Financing the Green Transition"
  • Berit Lindholdt-Lauridsen, Senior Operations Officer - Climate Finance and Policy Unit, IFC
"Domestic liquidity and trade support for SMEs"
  • Sandra Peloquin, Secretary General of The Montreal Group and Head of International Relations at BDC
In participants own time

Participants will be assigned groups according to their background and time zone and asked to brainstorm views on topics set to compliment the discussions from Monday.

Group facilitators will organise a suitable method for the group to exchange views (email, video call etc.) and will collect feedback from their group for further discussion on 10th December.

13.00 - 14.30 CET

The full group will reconvene on Thursday for a shorter session online during whichthe group facilitators will present feedback on each discussion and compare responses across all participants.

After this, final questions, wrap up and next steps for future CSM exchanges.

Throughout the webinar we will provide participants with an opportunity to share experiences and ask questions. The broad topics addressed will include:

  • How has COVID changed how different institutions are looking at risk?
  • What do we need to do to maintain availability of private capital and risk appetite? How can we increase it?
  • How can we translate isolated innovation into more proactive cooperation across industry silos?
  • Where are the financial bottlenecks now, for trade? For climate finance? And essential infrastructure?

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Meeting Registration

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