Capacity Sharing Marketplace

knowledge exchange platform, promoting innovation and cooperation between public and private sector institutions involved in cross-border finance and risk sharing in projects with economic and developmental impact

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The Berne Union is the global association of export credit and investment insurers, representing public and private members who collectively provide over USD 2.5 tn annually in support of cross-border trade

Cooperation for climate impact

Practical workshop promoting cooperation in climate and transition finance between public and private institutions through trade, development and economic impact


The 'Capacity Sharing Marketplace' is a platform created by the Berne Union for the purpose of better connecting together the full spectrum of public and private institutions involved in international financing of projects with economic and developmental impact.

It is a network for information exchange and a workshop for exploring innovation. We organise meetings, share research and introduce participants to initiatives targeting cooperation.

The Berne Union is the industry association for export credit and investment insurance. Our members collectively provide USD 2.5 tn annually in support of cross-border trade. We collect data, share information and help develop best practice across the industry.

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The Berne Union organises regular meetings of the CSM, both in-person and online. These are free to attend for invitees - you can request an invitation by contacting us.

The focus of meetings is driven by the participants and our engagements are always collaborative, practical and conducted under Chatham House Rules.

7th June 2021

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The primary objective of the CSM is to better connect the world of export credit insurance - as represented by the Berne Union - with our partners in cross-border finance: MDBs, DFIs, Eximbanks, Commercial banks, investment funds and other platforms.

With the huge and ongoing transformation of the global financial ecosystem, we believe that fostering a better connection between the different actors financing economic impact is a valuable goal in itself, and directly leads to innovation and cooperation.

The CSM is an open forum for all institutions involved in international finance.

The primary participants are:

Official Export
Credit Agencies

  • Direct lending Eximbanks
  • Export Credit Insurers

Private Sector
Finance & Insurance

  • Commercial banks
  • Institutional investors
  • Private credit and political risk insurance

Development Institutions

  • Bilateral DFIs
  • Multilateral Development Banks
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Information sharing facilitates risk sharing which boosts capacity and encourages innovation

There is consensus among the international community that leveraging private sector finance is essential to closing financing gaps for trade, development and essential infrastructure.

Understanding the role that different policy institutions are playing is vital to realising this by enabling innovation through improved cooperation and risk sharing.

The long-term goal of the CSM is to promote and facilitate better opportunities for cooperative financing of multi-sourced projects and innovative financing solutions

among trade finance institutions, development institutions, private sector finance and other investors -

which will ultimately contribute to an increase in realised projects in emerging economies.

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